Professional Herts based Wedding Videographer

Beautifully captured wedding films that tell your story discretely.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and with the video technology available today we're in such a good position to be able to capture all the incredible moments throughout it (and we should!)

Taking a minimal approach to gear, I like to turn up to your wedding day and blend in as not to cause yourself or any of your guests to feel like they are actually being filmed.


The last thing you or your guests wants is to have a big intimidating camera following them around, and that's where I do things a little differently...

I use a small camera and none of the big lights, microphones or rigs that you might expect when thinking about a wedding video. This way I can go almost unnoticed and capture everyone and everything naturally and tell your story without adding any unnecessary pressure on your special day.

Creative Spark Films


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